Home Theater A/V

Imagine sitting down in your comfortable reclining theater seat. You pick up your color touch screen remote and press Watch Blu-Ray. The curtain draws open. All the equipment powers on, the lights dim, and you are now enjoying your very own home theater. If you are in need of an intermission, press the Pause bottom and the lights will turn back on so you can see your way back to the kitchen for some more refreshments, all in the comfort of your own home.

Electronics, Acoustical Room Treatments, Theater Seating, and much more, we have it all, and we can out-fit your empty room to a first class Home Theater all the way down to the curtain opening to show the silver screen, to the pop corn machine that sits in the theater foyer. We specialize in Theater Seating, Theater Design, Acoustic Innovations, Entry level to High End Projectors, and Surround Sound Systems.