Have you ever been confused as to what types of electronics you need versus what just seems cool to have? Well, with the constantly changing and advancing field of electronics, there is no way for the consumer to always be up-to-date with the latest technology. That is our job. Whether you are in the planning stage of a new home or business project, or if you're just interested in updating your current electronics system, it is helpful to have someone to look out for your best interest. Audio Video Synergy's staff can help you with choosing the best, appropriate equipment, educate you on the latest and greatest electronics on the market, and discuss placement for both aesthetics and functionality.


Installers run all of the cables, build the equipment racks, wire the components together, and mount the TVs on the wall. They climb through the attics, crawl under the house, and traverse the roof to get the job done. The system installers are the people who you will see the most of -they are there from the beginning and are usually the last to leave, making sure that everything works and looks just like you imagined. Audio Video Synergy employs multi-certified, skillfully trained, professional installers who take great pride in the Audio Video Synergy's installation team is the best in its class. When contracting with us, you get installers who know everything there is to know about the products they install. They are clean, courteous, unobtrusive and on time. They are required to use protective tarps, and clean up after themselves.

Proactive Service Agreements

A proactive service agreement is far beyond an extended warranty. It is preventative maintenance for your system. Just as you get oil changes for your vehicle, maintain your landscaping, or take vitamins, this type of service makes sure your investment is well protected. Audio Video Synergy provides regularly scheduled visits to calibrate your system, dust off the equipment rack, upgrade firmware, and basically make sure that everything is working the way it was designed. While they are there, they can answers questions you may have about the system, train you on new features or let you know about the latest technology available. Audio Video Synergy's service agreement options include 24-hour response time almost 365 days a year, loaner equipment, and even an on-duty technician for a party or special event. Signing up for Audio Video Synergy's proactive service agreement will help eliminate that emergency call or the chance of you being without your favorite form of entertainment.

Flat Panel Mounting

We will mount your Flat Panel TV above Fireplaces, on Brick, Concrete, Stone, Sheetrock, wood, and steel studding. We can schedule everything for you all the way down to the licensed electrician to install an outlet behind the screen so you do not have to see that power cord. We can also install vue-tec art screens to cover your wall mounted TV and have a framed oil painting covering the unit while it is off. Also if you are interested in lift devices, where the TV will come out of a cabinet, or even out from under the bed, we have many options available.

Audio & Video Calibrations

ISF Calibration $275.00 – Basic Calibration plus hook up color analyzer to screen, enter service menu, and make changes to factory settings, to provide an even better picture, with deeper blacks and fantastic flesh tones. Audio Calibration $125.00 – Set up AV Surround Sound Receiver, measure speaker distances and sound levels with sound meter. Make sure all options on receivers are set correctly. Basic video calibration $99.00 – Run normal test patterns to adjust Contrast, Brightness, Tint, Sharpness, Color, Temperature, and other advanced video functions.

Remote Programming

We can program your smart remote. Our technicians are factory trained and learn new products daily. If you have a smart remote that needs to be programmed to control new products, or if you are interested in purchasing a one remote solution for all your equipment, let us know, we are here to help.

Commercial Services

  • Board Room Projectors
  • Flat Panel Mounting & Lifts
  • Projector Lifts & Screens
  • Color Tablet Solutions
  • Cameras & DVR's
  • HD Video Conference Calling
  • Distributed Audio
  • Multi Zone Controllers
  • Room View Software
  • Houses of Worship
  • Digital Audio Equalization
  • PA Systems
  • Commercial Lighting Solutions
  • Motorized Shades & Blinds
  • HVAC Control
  • Office Integration & Automation
  • Network Wiring, Testing, & Certification

Residential Services

  • Home Theaters
  • Flat Panel Mounting
  • Acoustical Treatments
  • Smart Remote Programming
  • Audio & Video Calibrations
  • RF remote Systems
  • Distributed Audio
  • Multi Zone Controllers
  • Hi-Fi Audio Equipment
  • Outdoor & Rock Speakers
  • Retrofit Installation
  • New Construction
  • Lighting Control
  • Shade Control
  • HVAC Control
  • Whole Home Integration & Automation
  • Home Networking Solutionsn