Are Your Audio and Video Cables Up To The Task?

To paraphrase Rodney Dangerfield, audio and video cables get no respect! You’re an audiophile, right? You always strive to acquire the very best equipment that your budget can afford so that you can enjoy the finest sound possible, wouldn’t you agree?

The educated assumption here is that when you invite friends and family over for dramatic and/or seductive sound to wash over them you want to see smiles. You want to capture their entire attention basking in the vibe, and you want it to be an experience like they never have at their home. Or you are a music lover, and are continually seeking improvement in the quality of the equipment to exceed your present sound.

You’ve probably got top of the line speakers, sub-woofers, amplification, a great photo-stage, maybe even Dolby Atmos. Here’s a question that goes unanswered quite a bit of the time. Why would someone spend as much as $10,000 or more on an amplifier to obtain great sound, but their equipment pumps out sound through $5 cables?

Far too often people select great audio and visual equipment for their music and home theater systems, yet the audio or video cables they run the sight and sound through are inferior and not up to the task. Would you run your Porsche on low-performance tires?

Much of the time the response to the question of cable choices is “that’s what’s available.” Fortunately, that is not the case. Your quest to shift from good to great sound is within your grasp, allowing you to go beyond typical output and produce a truer and more authentic sound stage or movie experience.

Discover the Secrets to Better Sight and Sound

You’ll be amazed at what you’ve been missing when you hear or see the difference in audio and video cables. We recommend AudioQuest cables. They offer quality and features that you probably don’t have in your existing sound system but should.

“Every single piece matters, every cable, every connection, every amplifier, speaker, it doesn’t matter what else is in the system, when you cause less damage with any one piece, the result would be better sounding music audio at the other end of the system”.

– William E. Low, Founder/C.E.O. AudioQuest

A few of the features and benefits you can enjoy with the right audio and video cables.

  • No Character Impedance for Uncompressed Current Transfer – eliminates the amplifier and loudspeaker load impedance that always compromises the sound quality. The outcome AudioQuest ZERO cable system is greater dynamic contrast, better audio transient response, and bass slam that are rendered seemingly without effort because the cable is not electrically restricting (strangling) the music.
  • Dielectric-Bias System With Carbon-Level Radio-Frequency Trap (DBS) – All cable Insulation’ electrical properties affect the integrity of the signal. AudioQuest’s multi-patented DBS stabilizes the electrostatic field saturating and polarizing the molecules of the insulation. This minimizes the nonlinear time delays resulting in clearer sound emerging from a “blacker” background. Further, the RF Trap in the DBS battery pack further reduces the RF noise.
  • Solid Perfect-Surface Copper + (PSC) Conductors – Preventing a solid strand-to-strand interaction with typical wire cables which provide major distortion, the Solid Conductors Perfect-Surface practically eliminates harshness and greatly increase clarity. The Extremely High-Purity-Surface Copper further minimizes distortion caused by grain boundaries that exist in any metal conductor. Greater clarity, less distortion, harshness elimination all creates better quality sound.

Sound quality is at the top of the list of any audiophile, and many lovers of great movie, television, and music sound. AudioQuest helps a great system produce authentic sound through the cables they produce.

For a great perspective on achieving better sounding music, enjoy this short video with William E. Low, the Founder and C.E.O. of AudioQuest.

Quality Audio and Video Cables Will Convince You

There are two ways to demonstrate the incredible improvements the right choice of audio and video cables will make in your system.

  1. Invite one of our experts to visit with you and provide an in-home demonstration of the absolute clarity and crispness of sound utilizing AudioQuest Audio Cables. Experience what the leading sound and recording studios experience on a day-to-day basis. We’ll allow you to compare the advantages in your own environment with your equipment. Exploring an AudioQuest Cable upgrade in your home takes about an hour but it won’t take longer the a few minutes to see your eyes pop, jaw drop, and ears expand to the size of coffee cup saucers. We’re that confident in the difference quality cables can make.
  2. Come into the shop and experience the difference quality audio and video cables can make there. We have many incredible systems ready to listen to and can demonstrate the difference quality cables make. We bet it won’t take longer than a few minutes to see your eyes pop, jaw drop, and ears expand to the size of coffee cup saucers. We’re that confident in the quality.
  3. Plan to attend our Audio and Video Cable Workshop, October 11th, in the store. Zaheer Alli of AudioQuest will be demonstrating different cables on one of our state-of-the-art systems. Don’t miss this chance to hear what great cable systems can do for you home theater or audio system. But seating is limited, so please register to attend.
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