Brute Force and Effortless Versatility

It takes a lot to get the Audio Video Synergy team excited. But we are incredibly enthusiastic about REL Acoustics and their offering of subwoofers. We added a pair of REL Acoustics 212/SX to a McIntosh system with Bowers & Wilkins 800 series speakers, and the result is nothing short of amazing. You may enjoy this set up with a visit to our stereo room.

Our featured system now has subs firing six subwoofer elements! It is hard to imagine a better sounding system. These subs have extended the soundstage while providing incredible clarity to the mid-tones in perfect synchronicity.

REL Acoustics has a singular focus on subwoofers, and that is all they make. The company has carved out a reputation for unique design, artistry, and quality materials, crafting subs that complement the finest speakers. REL designs and crafts only subwoofers, and their singular focus is apparent in the pure, clean sound their subwoofers produce. Instead of overwhelming, REL subs provide a powerful sense of balance.

The 212/SX we demonstrate incorporates alloy drivers with carbon fiber blades that are incredibly strong, with a new flat passive radiator that extends even more profound than previous models. With REL’s proprietary PerfectFilter™, your system will deliver crushing low bass with great speed and air, well beyond most subwoofers.

So, while the 212/SX thunders and shakes foundations, it also resolves detail and restores midrange warmth to its correct balance. At 1,000 watts with (4) 12″ (350mm) drivers, 212/SX drives rooms hard and in multiple modes, allowing it to create richer bass everywhere in a room.

REL has refined its ultra-fast filters, and newly developed drivers produce harder slam, bringing to life quieter, gentler moments, improving system performance at both extremes. The 212/SX plays brilliantly with both high-end 2-channel systems and large power theatre applications.

At 1,000 watts of output, plus the ability to connect both High Level and .1/LFE simultaneously with optional state of the art wireless, 212/SX delivers the goods at scale. It does so with incredible grip and control in the intense bass where most amplifiers get loose and lose control.

Too many subwoofers provide brute strength, whereas the 212/SX delivers massive power and every secondary category of performance with ease and effortless versatility. Deafening output in a concert video or blockbuster movie is impressive, but beautifully rendered female vocals are accurate and precise.


Another consideration is scalability. Another REL Acoustics innovation is the ability to “chain” a stack of subwoofers in some of their models. For example, you can stack the HT/1508 Predator, using up to three units high using included REL Couplers™ that connect lower units to upper units. The couplers are milled aluminum and bolt securely to each sub. Along with the substantial rails on each cabinet’s underside, the couplers create an extremely heavy, sturdy tower of bass. When used in stereo stacks (6 total, 3 per side), it represents over 7000 watts of peak power forcing (6) x 15″ drivers to give their utmost in the service of breathtaking bass delivered in oceanic torrents of bass.

The Predator is devastating when used in dedicated high powered home theater applications and can also transform the serious gamer’s experience and partners beautifully with active wireless speakers for music reproduction.

We are often asked why so much power is needed. Eight hundred watts RMS loafing along means the Predator subwoofer is rarely stressed. When the movie scene demands it, having more than enough power means that the higher output levels are delivered safely and without the risk of damage. The amplifier output peaks at around 1200 watts, which makes for massive output. The power supply used provides a huge 1.2KW transformer coupled to a Class D output stage, meaning it runs efficiently. The Predator subwoofer demands only 20 watts of power consumption when at idle.

HT1508stacks-transparent-600x600 (1)

The 212/SX and the Predator models are just two examples of what REL Acoustics offers. Come into the shop to learn about the many sizes and prices.

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I’ve been a customer since Feb 2005 when I purchased my first pair of B&W stand mount loudspeakers. I was hooked ever since. Dave, Chris and Joe are the best in the business. It’s great doing business with them and the support is second to none. If you need audio, home theater, automation, etc, don’t go anywhere else. They’re real pros with no pressure selling. You won’t get that at the big box stores. Go now and make a purchase.

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Incredible experience. I’ve purchased speaker stands, subwoofers and an Oppo blu ray player in the past from them. The employees are VERY friendly, prices are very reasonable and the selection of products are plentiful! I highly recommend you swing by Audio Video Synergy for any of your home theater needs!

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Just had my new Sonos sound bar hooked up. Price: Wicked Awesome! Service: Wicked Awesome Sound: WICKED AWESOME!! If you don’t look to shop here you are on the wrong bus.

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