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You’ll never know what you might find in our clearance corner. Some are manufacturer’s promotions, and have a limited time line. Some are discontinued models, some are store demonstration pieces, a few might be customer trade-ins. But everything listed here is top quality and in proper working order. Note: we strive to keep this list up to date but everything is first come-first served so please understand if we have already sold something you were interested in.

Paradigm PW800Speaker WirelessNew$799$399While supply lasts
Martin Logan CrescendoXSpeaker WirelessDemo$999$599While supply lasts
Bose Soundtouch 30Speaker WirelessDemo$499$299While supply lasts
Bose Soundtouch 300Speaker WirelessDemo$699$349While supply lasts
Gallo TR3SubwooferDemo$985$499While supply lasts
HEOS 1Speaker WirelessNew$199$129While supply lasts
HEOS 7Speaker WirelessNew$599$349While supply lasts
HEOS BARSpeaker WirelessDemo$899$499While supply lasts
HEOS CINEMASpeaker WirelessDemo$799$399While supply lasts
Bowers & Wilkins P3Headphones Wireless On EarDemo$199$99While Supply Lasts
Bowers & Wilkins PXHeadphones Wireless Over EarDemo$399$249While Supply Lasts
Master & Dynamic MH30Headphones On EarNew$330$149While Supply Lasts
Master & Dynamic MW50Headphones Wireless On EarNew$450$249While Supply Lasts
Bowers & Wilkins P5 WirelessHeadphones Wireless On EarDemo$249$199While Supply Lasts
Bowers & Wilkins P5Headphones Wireless On EarDemo$249$149While Supply Lasts
Rega RS1Speaker Bookcase (Pair)Trade-In$695$199While Supply Lasts
Bowers & Wilkins FPM4Speaker Bookcase (Pair)Demo$700$299While Supply Lasts
Bowers & Wilkins M1MKIISpeaker Bookcase (Ea.)Trade In$250$99While Supply Lasts
Def Tech Mythos 9Speaker Center Channel EachDemo$799$299While Supply Lasts
Mirage FRX OneSpeaker Bookcase (Pair)Trade In$250$99While Supply Lasts
Martin Logan Motion 2Speaker Bookcase (Pair)Demo$359$199While Supply Lasts
Martin Logan Motion 60XTSpeaker Floorstanding (Pair)Demo$2,999$1,799While Supply Lasts
Martin Logan Motion 80XTSpeaker Floorstanding (Pair)Demo$2,999$1,799While Supply Lasts
SVS SB2000SubwooferDemo$699$499While Supply Lasts
Bowers & Wilkins ASW10CMSubwooferTrade In$1,500$499While Supply Lasts
Gallo TR3SubwooferDemo$985$499While Supply Lasts
HEOS SubSubwooferDemo$699$399While Supply Lasts
Revel B110 V1SubwooferDemo$2,200$1,299While Supply Lasts
Revel B112 V1SubwooferDemo$3,000$1,799While Supply Lasts
Sony XBR55X850GTV 55″ LEDNew$999$749Only Until 2/2/2020
Sony XBR65X850GTV 65″ LEDNew$1,329$929Only Until 2/2/2020
Sony XBR75X850G/CTV 75″ LEDNew$2,199$1,329Only Until 2/2/2020
Sony XBR85X850G/CTV 85″ LEDNew$2,799$1,999Only Until 2/2/2020
Crestron CP3RControl ProcessorDemo$1,799$899While supply lasts
SonyHAPZ1ES Network PlayerDEMO$1,999$1,399While supply lasts
Rotel RMB-10777-channel AmpTrade-In$2,499$999While Supplies last
Yamaha A-S801Integrated AmpTrade-In$999$499While Supplies last
Cambridge CXA80Integrated Amp StereoTrade-In$999$499While Supplies last
HEOS DriveWireless 4-Zone AmpNew$2,199$1,399While Supplies last
Moon 350PPreampTrade-In$3,650$1,699While Supplies last
Rotel RSP-1068PreampTrade-In$1,699$299While Supplies last
Harmon Kardon AVR130ReceiverTrade-In$499$99While Supplies last
Integra DTR-40.5ReceiverTrade-In$1,300$299While Supplies last
Integra DTR-60.5ReceiverTrade-In$999$199While Supplies last
Marantz SR5013ReceiverTrade-In$999$599While Supplies last
Marantz SR8001ReceiverTrade-In$1,999$399While Supplies last
RotelReceiverTrade-In$2,599$599While Supplies last

New Manufacturer Specials Happen From Time to Time

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