Watching movies at home requires adding a subwoofer. It’s as simple as that.

While music can still deliver enjoyment without the presence of a high-quality subwoofer, the same cannot be said for theatre. The low bass that theatre relies on for mind-blowing experiences often comes at very high volumes. Modern exceptions might be genres like hip-hop or rap, but the main difference is in their nature. A quality subwoofer, like those offered by REL, can significantly enhance music’s depth, texture, and authenticity. Similarly, envision a scene from a sci-fi movie where a photon torpedo strikes a starship’s bridge; without a powerful subwoofer, the impact is lost, and the experience falls short of being genuinely cinematic. I’d argue that without a good subwoofer, home theatre isn’t effective at all; it merely reverts to regular TV watching.

REL’s recent advancements in the home theatre range can guide your selection towards those that offer the dynamic bass essential for an immersive home theatre experience.

Speed Matters

All REL subwoofers, particularly newer models from the last decade, guarantee quick response times. While most theatre-specific subs focus primarily on volume, this alone lacks the speed and tactility necessary to avoid the “one-note bass” phenomenon often seen in home theatres. This refers to a monotonous, thumping sound that fails to adapt to diverse special-effect heavy scenes. For instance, if you watch the movie Fury with a slower home theatre sub, every tank round hitting its target sounds identical. This repetitive, dull noise originates from slow, heavy cones struggling to keep pace with the action. It might be loud, but it’s far from engaging.

However, with a new REL HT, the same scene will surprise you with a resounding WHANG!!! as the first shell hits the turret. You’ll notice the lower pitch of the larger German tank guns (88mm vs. 76mm shells) thanks to the speed and low bass power/extension provided by the subwoofer. This leads to deeper involvement with the film.

Extended Bandwidth

The REL HT models have improved bandwidth due to efforts to extend it, ensuring movie sounds are accurately reproduced while keeping the lows crossed over appropriately low. Home theatre demands a higher frequency upper limit than music to preserve the dynamics of movie scenes. This is one-way REL HT subwoofers capture a more authentic movie experience than traditional models. Most theatre-specific subs let too much through, often causing scenes to lose dynamic control, which can lead to less enjoyment and fear of overload. However, REL HT subs balance traditional REL models and home theatre-mostly subs, making it easier to enjoy a full-length action movie without constantly adjusting the volume during intense scenes.

REL HT series subwoofers

REL HT Series Subwoofers

The REL HT series subwoofers are designed specifically to answer the challenge of creating affordably priced, exceptionally dynamic, pure home theater-powered subwoofers.

A Setup Tip from REL

Avoid setting your HT crossover beyond the 1 o’clock position. Instead, adjust your receiver’s bass crossover to 120-200Hz and let your REL HT’s crossover fine-tune it. You’ll likely end up between 10 and 1 o’clock for the most natural and explosive special effects. Any setting beyond 1 o’clock may result in boomy bass that wastes power and risks overloading the HT’s amplifier without any advantage. Keep the crossover below 1 o’clock; your HT will play louder during peak moments.

Powerful and Fun HT delivers plenty of power, a crucial component in conveying the instantaneous explosiveness of significant special effects. Whether 300 watts, 500 watts, or 1,000 watts, all come at surprisingly affordable prices because we believe that affordability combined with high output enhances the theatre experience.

So next time you’re ready for a Netflix binge or to watch your favorite Blu-ray, remember that subwoofers like REL’s HTs elevate your home theatre experience. Follow the tips above, and you’ll soon recognize the benefits of dialogue clarity and uncompressed .1/LFE special effects. The speed and transient snap delivered by REL traditional subwoofers will quickly become apparent.

REL Acoustics Home Theater Subwoofers Var 2

The Ideal Home Theater Subwoofer

Stop into the shop and let us play REL subwoofers for you.

Why AVS is a big believer in REL Subwoofers

REL Acoustics is a renowned manufacturer of powered subwoofer speakers for stereo and home theater systems. Their award-winning home theater subwoofers have wireless capabilities that elevate the cinematic experience, creating an immersive user environment.

One of their remarkable products is the REL Acoustics T/9x Subwoofer, which has sparked much debate in the home audio world due to its performance and design. The T/9x is praised for the sheer joy and engagement it brings to music, showcasing its versatility not just in home theaters but also in music systems.

The REL 212/SX Subwoofer is another product that offers more output capabilities than one might ever need. It’s a perfect solution for 2-channel and home theater systems, indicating the company’s commitment to versatility and high performance.

Their HT series, including the HT/1510 Predator II, is particularly noteworthy. With a 1000-watt, 15” woofer, this sealed bruiser exemplifies REL’s claim of producing fast and musical subwoofers. On the other hand, the HT/1205 model has a softer silhouette due to its less angular design and rounded edges, demonstrating REL’s attention to aesthetic details.

The REL Acoustics 212/SE Sub-Bass System is a testament to the company’s pursuit of excellence. John Hunter, owner and chief designer for REL, stated that the 212s were designed to offer “the most” of everything that REL could provide.

Lastly, the REL Studio III subwoofer, part of the Stadium series launched in 1992, was designed to reproduce not only bass but also what Lord, the founder of REL, calls “sub-bass,” highlighting the company’s innovative approach to sound reproduction.

Can I Afford a Subwoofer?

Even a moderately priced REL subwoofer can significantly enhance the home theater experience. Here’s how:

  • Improved Sound Quality: Subwoofers are specialized speakers designed to deliver bass frequencies, typically low-frequency sounds that many regular speakers struggle to reproduce. Adding a subwoofer to your home theater system can dramatically improve overall sound quality by filling in these missing low-frequency sounds.
  • Enhanced Listening Experience: According to Reddit’s Budget Audiophile community, a subwoofer will 100% enhance your listening experience. Adding a subwoofer can provide a more immersive and full-bodied sound, making movies, music, and games more enjoyable.
  • Better Home Theater Dynamics: A good subwoofer can change the dynamics of a home theater system. An impactful subwoofer can make a significant difference by adding depth and realism to the audio, making the movie or music experience more engaging.
  • Room-Shaking Bass: For those who crave that room-rattling, couch-shaking bass experience, a subwoofer is a must-have component. Even moderately priced subwoofers can deliver impressive bass performance, enhancing the impact and excitement of action movies or music with deep bass lines.
  • Dual Subwoofer Setup: Having two subwoofers can greatly improve your home theater system. The advantages of having two subwoofers include smoother bass response across a broader range of listening positions and increased system headroom for cleaner, louder bass.

Remember, the key to getting the most out of a moderately priced subwoofer is excellent design, proper setup, and correct placement. And who can do this better than REL Acoustics, a company specializing only in subwoofers? It’s also essential to choose a subwoofer that matches well with your main speakers and the acoustics of your room for the best results. The experts at Audio Video Synergy can help you with that.

So, the next time you settle into your sofa, or for those fortunate enough to drop into their $125,000 purpose-built theatre and fire up your theatre for a long night with Netflix or the Blu-ray of your choice, remember that it’s those subs like REL’s HTs that deliver improvements across the board in theatre.

Follow the tips above; you’ll hear the benefits of dialogue and totally uncompressed .1/LFE special effects. You’ll quickly appreciate the speed and transient snap REL subwoofers deliver.

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