Home Theater

Want a home theater system to re-create the sights and sounds of being at the movie theater? Advancements in dimensionally unique, multi-speaker AVR systems can not only surround you with the magic of the movies but they’ll allow you to almost feel the action.

Fill the Room With Sound

With a Dolby Atmos® enabled surround sound system, the sound from your home theater system comes from all directions, including overhead, to fill the room with astonishing clarity, richness, detail, and depth. It even puts sounds into motion all around you, with the specific sounds of people, music, and things moving all around you in multidimensional space, so you feel like you are inside the action. No other process delivers the full impact of the movie artist’s work while allowing the music to achieve the greatest expressive impact.

The Dolby Atmos® system has the intelligence to determine what speakers to use to precisely recreate the child’s movement in the way the filmmakers intend. They can now precisely place and move sounds as independent objects in multidimensional space, including anywhere overhead, so you can hear them as you would naturally. So let us show you how to bring reality to your home theater listening experience. Dolby Atmos® helps weave the audio story to match what’s happening on the screen.

Current Room or New Construction

Our installation experts can work with your contractor during a renovation or new construction or we can cleanly and efficiently install your home theater system in an existing space. Speakers can be hidden in special acoustic columns or inside walls, cabinets or often existing furniture, too.

Best of all, our team of expert installers will ensure the proper calibration of all of your speakers, to provide the most amazing sight and sound experience.

Go Beyond the Electronics… Way Beyond

In conclusion, we won’t forget the acoustical room treatments, the theater seating, everything necessary for the ultimate home theater experience. The team at Audio Video Synergy will design and transform your empty room into a first class home theater.

Our holistic design process means home theater from Audio Video Synergy can include the curtain opening to show the silver screen to the popcorn machine that sits in the theater foyer. We specialize in theater seating, theater design, acoustic innovations, and therefore, have entry level to the finest high end projectors, and surround sound systems.

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Don’t forget the furniture! Audio Video Synergy can design the perfect home theater with hidden speakers and invisible audio components. In other words, we won’t forget the proper theater seating, too.

AVS Hidden Speakers

What A Few of our Customers Have to Say…

I’ve been a customer since Feb 2005 when I purchased my first pair of B&W stand mount loudspeakers. I was hooked ever since. Dave, Chris and Joe are the best in the business. It’s great doing business with them and the support is second to none. If you need audio, home theater, automation, etc, don’t go anywhere else. They’re real pros with no pressure selling. You won’t get that at the big box stores. Go now and make a purchase.

Peter N.

Great experience. I could have purchased from a big box store for my tv, stereo, and speakers. However, I found the prices and customer service much better at Audio Video Synergy. I never felt pressured to purchase anything. They took out the extra time to guide me in the right direction and ensure that I would be happy with my purchases.

Robert G.

Incredible experience. I’ve purchased speaker stands, subwoofers and an Oppo blu ray player in the past from them. The employees are VERY friendly, prices are very reasonable and the selection of products are plentiful! I highly recommend you swing by Audio Video Synergy for any of your home theater needs!

Robert Flora

Best audio people so far in USA! Chris is an awesome guy and puts enormous efforts in providing the best audio solution for you. I agree with all the other reviews here. You have the luxury to try out a vast selection of audio equipment which is impossible to achieve elsewhere even if a place happens to have the equipment, I am sure it won’t be backed up by honest people like at this place.

Anirban Chakravarty

Just had my new Sonos sound bar hooked up. Price: Wicked Awesome! Service: Wicked Awesome Sound: WICKED AWESOME!! If you don’t look to shop here you are on the wrong bus.

Denise H.

Great service and get you the right system for your room and budget.

Kevin K.