Introducing the
Debut Carbon Evo

Pro-ject is one of our most popular turntable brands, and with good reason. They design and build exceptional performance into turntables of outstanding value. They also produce excellent sound quality, and many designs feature upgradable options.

So, when Pro-ject introduces a new model, we take notice. Their latest turntable is the Debut Carbon Evo (short for evolution), a belt-driven model which incorporates:

  • a 8.6″ low-mass carbon fiber tonearm, with a Sumiko Rainier cartridge pre-installed
  • a thermo-plastic elastomer edged 12” steel platter, to avoid resonance while providing rotational mass
  • thermo-plastic elastomer dampened metal feet isolate the turntable and provide stability
  • a proprietary motor suspension system eliminates vibration
  • stainless steel, brass, and PTFE make up the main bearing
  • a semi-balanced, low-capacitance cable with superior shielding specifically designed to carry the phono signal
  • a sophisticated onboard power control circuit that generates a precise signal. This circuit ensures accurate, consistent speed regardless of power fluctuations

A low 68db signal to noise ratio, speed drift +/-0.6% at 33 RPM, +/-0.7% 45 RPM, and wow and flutter of only +/-0.19% at 33 RPM, +/-0.17% at 45 RPM round out the specifications.

Close up of the Debut Carbon bearing
Pro-ject Debut Carbon Evo Turntable
Sumiko Rainier cartridge included

Also included are a hinged acrylic dust cover and a 15-volt power supply. Choose from 3 high gloss colors, five satin matte finishes, or real walnut veneer.

With a price under $500, you’ll see why we are so excited. The Debut Carbon Evo is an incredible value, offering competitive performance found in turntables costing much more.

BTW – Pro-Ject is the largest manufacturer of turntables in the world, and the Debut-series are their best-selling models. The Debut Carbon Evo seems destined to make the top of the sales chart.