Like being at the concert… our monthly listening night is unique and a lot of fun! We gather a group of clients and friends and encourage them to bring some LP’s (yes, vinyl records only) from their collection, based on a musical theme that changes each and every month. One month it might be a focus on pianists, another might be vocalists or perhaps even obscure big band sounds from the 40’s or rock operas from the 70’s.

Regardless of the theme, we set up a truly remarkable system in our audiophile room, fill it with as many seats as we can fit, and give everyone who attends an opportunity to play their LP. Sometimes we’ll invite one of our product brand representatives to bring something special from their lines and speak about it’s benefits or unique characteristics.

Imagine listening to your favorite LP on a $100,000 audio system! You will not be disapointed.

Some light refreshments and snacks are provided and while we have a core constituency who regularly attend, there are often several first-timers so don’t be intimidated; everyone is super-friendly, willing to share a wealth of music knowledge, and you’ll hears a lot of interesting musicians and great tunes.

Similar system enjoyed at a listening party

You Never Know What Amazing Songs You’ll Hear

Cobham Album Cover
Chicago 4 Album Cover
Ramones Rocket-To-Russia-Iconic-Album
Coltrane Album Cover
led Zeppelin Album Cover
Simon Garfunkle Album Cover

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