Many of our customers enjoy taking their favorite indoor entertaining activities to their outdoors. Who wouldn’t enjoy watching a great movie under the stars? Outdoor kitchens, pools, and luscious gardens are ideal for the sights and sounds Audio Video Synergy is known for.

Many of the finest brands in hi-fidelity and home theater offer weather-resistant options for enjoyment outside. And our team have the expertise to help with design and product recommendations to meet your vision for that great patio, porch, deck or garden.

Here are some of the areas where we transform our customers outdoor entertaining and enjoyment.

Outdoor Television is a Thing

For poolside, patio or porch entertainment, those of us who just enjoy extending our indoor fun to the outdoors look to Audio Video Synergy to recommend and install weatherproof, all-climate outdoor televisions. Our choice is SunBrite and for good reasons. All SunBrite televisions share the features that make them the right choice for outside use: brighter than indoor televisions, weatherproof (protection against snow, rain, insects, humidity), weatherproof cable connections, and a warranty that’s valid for outdoor use. Where you place your TV determines which model is the best fit.

For use in full shade, in areas such as patios, porches, or sunrooms, there are models offering 4K HDR UHD screen with direct LED backlight. These are up to 50% brighter than many indoor televisions.

For use in partial sun, or high ambient light (pergolas, partially covered decks) there are commercial-grade televisions, featuring an antiglare 4K HDR UHD screen and are up to 3X brighter than many indoor TVs.

For use in full sun and active areas, such as poolside or outdoor seating areas, SunBrite makes commercial-grade televisions with antiglare, heat-resistant 4K HDR UHD screens, protective edge-to-edge tempered glass shielding. These models provide up to 4-6X brighter than many indoor TVs.

There are screen sizes of 43″, 55″, 49″, 65″ and some are even as large as 75″ available.

SunBrite TV
Sunbrite TV Lifestyle 3

SunBrite’s durable aluminum case protects against rain, snow, extreme temperatures, dust, salt, and insects; compared to the lightweight, vented plastic of typical indoor TV cases; plus an easy cable-entry system. Built for permanent outdoor installation, the sleek thin-bezel design adds style while the durable aluminum casing protects against weather and insects. Safe and superior performance from winter to summer (-24°F to 122°F outside temperatures) can be found in some models.

SunBriite TV’s support HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2 to help ensure compatibility with 4K sources and streaming services; equipped with 3 HDMI and 1 USB inputs for variety of connectivity options, as well as HDMI ARC on 1 input, and IP control. A weatherproof remote control is included.

Some models feature built-in, down-firing 20 watt speakers and a one-year parts/labor warranty. Of course we have many options for enhancing the sound quality of your outdoor entertaining environment.

Hi-Fidelity music, even in the backyard

Some of the finest companies in hi-fidelity have taken their expertise from the studio, and from inside the house, to the great outdoors. Many of our customers have built outdoor kitchens, amazing patios and decks, and luscious gardens. For many people, their outdoor areas are the pride and joy of their home, as it shares their creativity with guests, neighbors, and family.

Are you hosting a summer outdoor dinner party? A distributed audio system and climate protected outdoor speakers makes it possible to hear your songs all over your backyard. When strategically-placed, these specially-designed speakers transform your backyard space by creating a great sound layout. Your guests will hears clean, clear audio throughout your outdoor entertaining area.

With a properly designed setup you can enjoy any song from streaming services like Spotify or Pandora, switching from easy-listening as background music during dinner, to your favorite dance playlist as the evening goes on.

Enjoying your favorite indoor activity outdoors is a terrific way to enjoy your outdoors. How about watching a movie under the moonlight?  As mentioned above, we have televisions specifically designed for your patio or deck, and combine with the many great outdoor speakers available.

There are even planters with built-in speakers, so your garden can provide soothing music without appearing like a recording studio.

Costal Source mini ellipse bollard lifsetyle 1

Coastal Source Mini-Ellipse Bollard

Costal Source modulus bullet speaker lifestyle1

Coastal Source Modulus Bullet Speaker

Costal Source two way ellipse bollard lifsetyle 1

Coastal Source 2-Way Ellipse Bollard

The Best Indoor Speakers Outdoors

Coastal Source has taken outdoor audio to whole new level, allowing indoor component-quality audio outside where it can be enjoyed. Their ellipse bollard or bullet designs deliver higher performance than traditional, rack-mounted speakers, even offering coordinating outdoor, weather-proof, amplifiers. These speakers incorporate a patented Plug+Play® cabling system to ensure performance, reliability, and speed of installation.

All Coastal Source speakers are easily hidden within a landscape due to the minimalist design. Yet they look great even when installed out in the open. They have a larger driver area compared to regular outdoor speakers, resulting in higher performance, efficiency and fidelity with less compromise. And our team works with several leading landscape architects (or your own landscape designer) for the right plan and professional installation.

We adore Revel speakers, and their pioneering use of beryllium drivers has set a new standard for speakers. Every Revel product is the result of thousands of hours of work. Since 1996, the engineers at Revel have relied on their technical resources, one-of-a-kind testing facilities, and cutting-edge design tools unavailable to most manufacturers to create every loudspeaker they produce. That’s how Revel continues to set the standard for acoustical accuracy and allow our customers to experience a level of acoustic clarity that they’ve never heard before.

The expertise they have acquired with indoor speakers also extends to their Extreme Climate outdoor loudspeakers. They have been specifically engineered and rigorously tested to perform to Revel’s exacting standards in outdoor, damp, wet, or high-humidity locations and have been designed to withstand environmental abuses while not affecting their performance.

Bowers & Wilkins are among the most renown high-quality speaker brands in the world. When they set out to design outdoor speakers, they leveraged their knowledge and expertise to provide great sound in a weatherproof, sun-proof design. Built to keep on playing, whether in the garden, on the patio or round the pool, Bowers & Wilkins outdoor speakers offer great sound and flexible muting options.

For example, the B&W AM-1 needs a sealed enclosure to shrug off the rain and splashes, but that’s not great for solid, powerful bass. So Bowers & Wilkins engineers designed this clever auxiliary bass radiator to give extra low-end punch from a compact enclosure. Don’t let the small size fool you; it is tough and flexible, and the combination of a slender wall-bracket, a clever one-plug mounting system and 220 degree rotation means it can deliver your music almost anywhere.

Want to hide your speakers, or mesh them into the beauty of your patio or garden? Maybe you lack a place to mount speakers on the house, or lack the room for “rock speakers” in the flowerbeds? The solution is PlanterSpeakers.

PlanterSpeakers can transform the sound of your favorite outdoor area. Their premium speakers integrate beautifully into their surroundings and also serve as a focal point in any design scheme or décor. Most models may be used with live flowers or plants and come with removeable SmartPots.

PlanterSpeakers offer top notch construction and quality sound second to none. From the very unique Terra Cotta PlanterSpeaker with 360° degree music to the symphony orchestra outdoor sound of the magnificent Flagstone speaker their outdoor PlanterSpeakers rival many indoor speakers.

Of course Audio Video Synergy also offers speakers that look like a rock, sound awesome, and are actually a weatherproof outdoor speaker. They are unobtrusive and blend in with your garden or patio.

Planter Speakers Lifestyle Image Collage


Revel M55XC

Bowers & Wilkins AM-1

Control the Light (and the insects) with Smart Shades

Innovative shades & projection screens, make life beautiful, convenient & fun. For enhancing your outdoor areas we recommend open roll outdoor shades by Screen Innovations. Completely transform your patio or terrace space while and extending your home’s square footage with a sealed enclosure that not only controls light and keeps bugs out but adds new space for entertainment and fun!

These outdoor screens can be operated through the smart home controllers we sell and install, allowing you to open or close them with the power of your voice, a remote control, or a tablet. And they can be wall or ceiling mounted.

Available in 9 durable exterior colors hand-picked by designers. Screens by Screen Innovations are available with the most popular fabric options available on the market including new high durability Precontraint fabrics from Serge Ferrari.

Outdoor shades from Screen Innovations

The team at Audio Video Synergy help you select the right size, style, and features for your outdoor environments as well as every window in your home.

Great Outdoor Entertainment Starts With a Plan

The right plan will evaluate the space where you wish to entertain. By understand the area, we ensure the best style of speakers (in-ceiling, mounted, hidden) and how many are needed, so you can get the best sound and avoid overcrowding. We’ll also take into account the music source (amplifier or receiver) and how to integrate everything.

Inside a home, where there are walls to reflect and contain sound, subtle power levels are often sufficient. Outside, where there is no room to enclose the sound, you need greater power.

That magical soundstage you enjoy indoors when listening to your favorite vinyl won’t always work outdoors, especially in a large area. You’ll find speakers that play both left and right channels work better, or the system map should be broken up into zones.

Speak with one of our experts. We can help you devise a winning plan that will result in a great outdoor entertaining experience.

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