Parasound A 51

Parasound A 51

In the complicated landscape of audio, many companies put stratospheric price tags on great performance. Parasound’s mission couldn’t be more different. Simply put, they offer the most performance for the money by finding the sweetest spot between price and diminishing returns. Their team of designers and engineers have been on the consumer side: music lovers, musicians, and audio enthusiasts looking for top-tier sound without breaking the bank.

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The A51 is a 5-channel power amplifier, fully THX Ultra2 certified with High bias Class A/AB operation, balanced inputs with discrete circuits and XLR connectors. The amp is Direct Coupled – no capacitors or inductors in signal path, and incorporates Parasoind’s complementary MOSFET driver stage and JFET input stage.

In addition, look for:
64,000 μF power supply filter capacitance
DC Servo and relay protection circuits
AC present, channel status, high temperature indicators
Heavy-duty 24k gold-plated 5-way speaker terminals
Gold-plated RCA input jacks; ground lift switch
Auto turn-on by 12v trigger or audio signal

The 4u Chassis comes with carry handles, and a rack mounting adapter is included.


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