SurgeX SX-AX15E

SurgeX SX-AX15E

IP Connected 1RU Surge Eliminator/Power Conditioner

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Axess Elite brings a new level of connected sophistication to power management.
Our IP addressable, surge elimination, and power conditioning management system allows service teams to protect, monitor, and control power distribution platforms remotely. This IP enabled surge eliminator provides two-way communication that manages system energy usage and gives technicians the power to sequence individual outlets and monitor power usage at a system level.

With Axess Elite, service teams can customize, synthesize, and monitor individual outlets and power settings via remote access. Axess Elite gives service teams the ability to manage power at the outlet level, control expansion units from the master unit, and monitor the system’s energy consumption by each connected device. Using the Axess Elite interface, technicians can hard reboot locked up equipment remotely and schedule automatic triggers to AutoPing devices thus eliminating the time and costs associated with sending a technician onsite for a simple reboot. Additionally, Axess Elite collects rack temperature, voltage, and current draw measurements and displays a log file for advanced monitoring via a user-friendly integrated interface. This sophisticated technology has been designed to promote facilities integration and works with most major control systems, including AMX and Crestron.

Backed with SurgeX Advanced Series Mode® surge elimination technology, Axess Elite includes robust power protection technology that eliminates all surge energy and protects equipment from AC surges and electrical transients, without producing harmful side effects such as ground contamination or common-mode disturbances.

This new line of connected protection sets the standard in power management and energy intelligent products, offering a smart, robust solution for any install.


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