SurgeX XR315

SurgeX XR315

Surge Eliminator & Power Conditioner

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Home theater and audio equipment requires clean, safe power to perform at its peak. Now with the XR315 you can protect equipment, like the pros.

Engineered with professional grade Advanced Series Mode® Surge Elimination Technology and Impedance Tolerant® EMI/RFI noise filtering, CouVs® Catastrophic Over-Under Voltage Shutdown, and ICE® Inrush Current Elimination Filter, the XR315 is the premier residential AV power protection product in the market that eliminates surges and transients that can degrade AV system performance.
Eliminates surge energy up to 6,000 Volts
Improves audio and video performance
100% non-sacrificial components
Advanced Series Mode® and Impedance Tolerance EMI/RFI filtering technologies
COUVS® Catastrophic Over/Under Voltage Shutdown and ICE® Inrush Current Elimination technologies (XR315)
A-1-1 certified


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