Revel in the Sound: Unmasking the Artistry of Revel’s PerformaBe Speakers

Audio Video Synergy is pleased to offer Revel speakers. Revel is a high-end audio company that designs and manufactures innovative loudspeakers and audio equipment. The company was founded in 1996 by Harman International, best known for its cutting-edge audio technologies, innovative design, and commitment to enhancing the listening experience for professional and personal use.

Revel’s product line includes floor-standing speakers, bookshelf speakers, center channel speakers, subwoofers, on-wall speakers, in-ceiling speakers, outdoor speakers, and car audio speakers. Some of their popular series include the Ultima2, Performa3, Concerta2, and Architectural.
Revel is known for its meticulous speaker design process, which combines advanced scientific research with extensive listening tests. The company uses state-of-the-art computer-aided design systems to create optimized, high-performance speaker models. Revel’s speakers are also known for their high-quality construction, featuring rigid, well-braced enclosures and premium-grade components.

Revel’s speakers are praised for their exceptional sound quality. They offer extremely accurate and natural sound reproduction, thanks to features like waveguides for tweeters, high-order crossover designs, and low-distortion woofers. The company’s speakers are often described as having a balanced, neutral sound, with detailed highs, clear mids, and deep, tight bass.

Revel has received numerous awards and accolades for its products. This includes positive reviews from leading audio publications and “Product of the Year” awards.

Speakers that Perform

The Revel F226Be, F328Be, and F228Be are all part of Revel’s PerformaBe series, known for its exceptional sound quality and the use of Beryllium elements in their drivers. Beryllium is a critical component in the construction of Revel speakers, specifically used in the production of tweeter diaphragms. The primary role of a tweeter is to produce the highest audio frequencies in a speaker system.

Compared to other metals like aluminum and titanium, which are often used in tweeter diaphragms, beryllium offers superior stiffness and damping properties. It is 4.5 times stiffer and provides three times more damping. This means it can vibrate faster without distorting the sound, thus delivering more accurate high-frequency reproduction.

Using beryllium results in a higher break-up point for the tweeter diaphragm, meaning it can operate at higher frequencies before it starts to distort. This is beneficial because it extends the tweeter’s usable frequency range and reduces distortion. The ProformaBe speakers compare favorably against nearly any speaker in their class.

ProformaBe Floor-Standing Speakers

Revel F328Be: The F328Be is the largest of the three, standing at 50.9 inches tall. It features a three-way design with three 8-inch DCC aluminum cone woofers, a 5.25-inch DCC midrange driver, and a 1-inch beryllium tweeter. The F328Be has a frequency response of 26Hz-40kHz and a sensitivity of 91dB, providing the widest frequency range and the highest sensitivity of the three models.

Revel F228Be: The F228Be is a step up in size from the F226Be, standing at 44.3 inches tall. It also features a three-way design but includes two 8-inch DCC aluminum cone woofers, a 5.25-inch DCC midrange driver, and a 1-inch beryllium tweeter. The F228Be has a frequency response of 27Hz-44kHz and a sensitivity of 90dB, offering a broader frequency range than the F226Be.

Revel F226Be: The F226Be is the smallest of the three, standing 41.3 inches tall. It features a three-way design with two 6.5-inch Deep Ceramic Composite (DCC) aluminum cone woofers, a 5.25-inch DCC midrange driver, and a 1-inch beryllium tweeter. The F226Be has a frequency response of 54Hz-44kHz and a sensitivity of 90dB.

All three floor-standing speakers feature Revel’s waveguide and Acoustic Lens technology for improved high-frequency dispersion and a more immersive listening experience. They also use magnetically attached grilles and come in four high-gloss finishes: black, white, walnut, and metallic silver.

While all three speakers offer excellent sound quality, choosing between them will likely come down to your specific needs in size, frequency range, sensitivity, and budget.

Let’s Break Them Down

The Revel Proforma F328Be is the flagship high-end floor-standing loudspeaker from Revel’s award-winning PerformaBe series. Here are some key details about these speakers:

  1. Design: The F328Be is a three-way speaker with a bass reflex system. It features a large, modern design that stands at 50.9 inches high, 13.5 inches wide, and 17.6 inches deep, making it a prominent feature in any room.
  2. Sound Quality: The F328Be includes a 1-inch (25mm) beryllium tweeter, which offers excellent sound reproduction capabilities. It also boasts three eight-inch woofers, providing strong bass performance.
  3. Materials: The speaker uses a Beryllium dome tweeter, known for being lightweight, incredibly stiff, and inherently well-damped. These qualities make it an ideal tweeter diaphragm in a loudspeaker.
  4. Reviews: The F328Be has received rave reviews for its excellent sound quality, impressive design, and high-quality materials. Reviewers have praised its ability to ‘disappear’ into a large, three-dimensional sound when reproducing music, offering an immersive audio experience.

The Revel Proforma F228Be and F328Be are known for their excellent sound reproduction capabilities. However, their differences may influence your choice depending on your specific needs and preferences.

Size and Design: The F328Be is a larger speaker, standing 50.9 inches high, 13.5 inches wide, and 17.6 inches deep. In contrast, the F228Be is slightly smaller, with dimensions of 44.3 inches high, 11.8 inches wide, and 15.3 inches deep. The larger size of the F328Be can contribute to a more expansive soundstage and greater low-frequency extension.

Driver Configuration: Both speakers have a three-way design, but the F328Be features three 8-inch woofers, a 5.25-inch midrange driver, and a 1-inch tweeter. On the other hand, the F228Be has two 8-inch woofers, a 5.25-inch midrange driver, and a 1-inch tweeter. The additional woofer in the F328Be may provide a deeper and more powerful bass response.

Frequency Response: The F328Be has a frequency response of 26Hz-40kHz, suggesting it can produce a wider range of low-frequency sounds compared to the F228Be, which has a frequency response of 27Hz-44kHz. This means the F328Be delivers a richer bass experience.

Sensitivity: The F328Be has a sensitivity rating of 91dB, making it a more efficient speaker than the F228Be, which has a sensitivity of 90 dB. This difference implies that the F328Be can produce a louder sound at the same power level.

Price: The F328Be is more expensive than the F228Be, reflecting its larger size, additional woofer, and enhanced specifications. However, both speakers are regarded as providing excellent value for their price points, delivering exceptional audio performance that rivals much more costly models.

While the F228Be and F328Be are high-quality speakers, the F328Be’s larger size, additional woofer, and wider frequency response might make it the better choice if you’re seeking a more powerful and expansive sound experience. However, the F228Be is still an excellent speaker that delivers outstanding performance at a lower price point.

Revel F328Be Floor-standing Speaker

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How About a Revel Bookshelf or Surround Speaker?

If space is an issue or you need surround speakers to complete a home theater system, consider the Revel Performa M126Be, a high-quality bookshelf speaker also part of Revel’s acclaimed PerformaBe series. The M126Be incorporates much of the same cutting-edge technology from the floor-standing models but in a reduced size. Here are some key details about this speaker:

  1. Design: The M126Be is a 2-way, 6.5-inch bookshelf loudspeaker with elegant design and powerful performance. It features a sleek and modern look that would complement any decor.
  2. Sound Quality: The M126Be is equipped with a 1-inch beryllium dome tweeter and a 6.5-inch Deep Ceramic Composite (DCC) aluminum cone woofer, delivering detailed and accurate sound across a wide frequency range.
  3. Materials: The speaker uses a beryllium tweeter, known for its light weight, incredible stiffness, and inherent damping qualities. These characteristics make it an ideal material for a tweeter diaphragm in a loudspeaker, enabling the M126Be to deliver exceptional high-frequency performance.
  4. Reviews: The M126Be has received positive reviews for its impressive detail, excellent dynamics, and strong bass response. Reviewers have also praised its ability to create a large and immersive soundstage, despite its relatively compact size.

The Revel Performa M126Be is a bookshelf speaker that has garnered high praise for its exceptional sound quality and superior design. Here’s a detailed review:

Sound Quality:The M126Be stands out with its very natural sound. It captures dynamic nuances and subtle instrumental textures, making it excellent for listening to various music genres. The speaker’s beryllium tweeter delivers clear, crisp highs, while the Deep Ceramic Composite (DCC) aluminum cone woofer provides a solid bass performance. Its midrange and treble are particularly impressive, offering great detail and imaging.

Design: The M126Be sports a classy design that looks as good as it sounds. Its compact size makes it versatile for different room sizes and settings. Despite its smaller form factor, it doesn’t compromise on delivering a large, immersive soundstage.

Performance: The M126Be shines in terms of performance. It features an exceptionally neutral response over a very wide angle, ensuring consistent sound quality no matter where you are in the room. The speaker also boasts excellent imaging capabilities, creating a realistic and well-defined soundstage.

Value: Despite their premium price point, the Revel Performa M126Be speakers offer fantastic value. The quality of sound, materials used, and overall performance easily match or surpass speakers at higher price ranges

Bottom Line: The Revel Performa M126Be is a high-performing bookshelf speaker that delivers on all fronts. Whether you’re an audiophile or a casual listener, this speaker will impress with its superb sound quality, beautiful design, and excellent performance.

Revel-M126Be Bookshelf Speakers

Here are some favorable reviews for the Revel Proforma F328Be floor-standing speakers from various sources:

  1. From AudioScienceReview, the reviewer states that despite its high retail cost, the F328Be is worth every penny. It’s the most expensive speaker they have tested to date, indicating its premium quality and top-notch performance. Source
  2. FutureAudiophile praises the Revel F328Be as an excellently engineered speaker that ‘disappears’ into a large, three-dimensional sound when reproducing music. This suggests that the speakers provide an immersive audio experience. Source
  3. HomeTheaterHifi notices the smoothness of the F328Be, particularly with HARMAN’s target curve, which shows a slow decrease in amplitude as frequency increases. Source
  4. TechAudiophile highlights that compared to the company’s highly acclaimed Ultima 2, the F328Be’s tweeter is much smoother. Source
  5. AllHomeCinema mentions that the Revel Performa F328Be shines with any music program, particularly with orchestras, and can also be quite loud. Source
  6. HomeTheaterReview found the F328Bes very forgiving with regard to both components and room positioning, making them easy to drive and work well with various systems. Source
  7. SoundStageAustralia praised the F328Be’s excellent image focus and immense stage depth, which they attribute to superb driver matching and engineered dispersion. Source

These reviews showcase the Revel Proforma F328Be as a high-quality, well-engineered speaker with excellent sound reproduction capabilities, making it a worthwhile investment for any audiophile.

Remember, the sound quality you experience will also depend on the acoustics of your room and the quality of your audio source and amplifier. Pair these speakers with high-quality components to get the most out of them. Stop into the shop, and we’ll happily play Revel speakers for you. Or use this form to ask a question.

Revel-Proforma Home Theater Speakers