Great Sound Goes Portable

If you are as old as me, you’d remember the portable, 9-volt battery-operated, pocket-sized transistor radio. Finally, we were able to take our music with us without the hassle of finding an electrical outlet somewhere. However, the sound was, in a word, tinny.

Perhaps you aren’t as old as I am, but you certainly remember the “Ghetto Blasters” that seemed mounted on somebody cool’s shoulder. These fine portable audible devices were a huge hit because it allowed people to dance anywhere. We could sit on the porch or at the corner and curb it under the lamp post and croon along with our favorite singers.

Since then, there have been many advancements in portable sound, everything from the cassette player, the Walkman, then the compact disc, next came the portable mp3 files, and so on, and so on. You get it because you probably grew up during one of these technologic periods up to and including the patio speaker dressed up like a rock (we sell those too).

Well, I hope this trip down memory lane got you jazzed up a bit because I want to let you in on a secret that is busting out all over. Wireless speakers are enormously popular right now. And it is easy to understand why:

  • Renters can invest in a quality speaker system that doesn’t require laying cable and can relocate when they do.
  • Home or office dwellers don’t have to remodel to connect audio from room to room.
  • The latest wireless speaker systems offer multiple ways to connect, from streaming services directly from your smart handheld device.
  • The sound quality has vastly improved from previous wireless models.
Sonos Move Front_Down-01
Sonos Move Charging Base-01
Sonos Move Front_Forward-01-01

Introducing the Sonos Move

The latest innovation in wireless speaker design is The Sonos Move. The Sonos Move has an internal, rechargeable battery. It’s not only weatherproof but resistant to damage from drops, too. You and the family (or your guests) can enjoy the indoors and outdoors along with your favorite music.

There is nothing else like it because it is truly a quality sound that can move from the living room to the garage, the front porch to the back alley, or anywhere in between. You can expect terrific sound, and you don’t have to rely on WIFI. It’s voice-controlled, uses the Sonos app, and even supports connecting via AirPlay 2 and Bluetooth.

Voice Control

A truly remarkable feature is Voice Control. Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa come pre-loaded, so you can speak your desires, and voila, the Move gets moving.

Through voice commands with WIFI available, you’re free to get your questions answered, request songs, and more, all without touching a thing.

But your hands or hand I should say can get involved every time you wish to move the Move. The built-in handle is sleek, flows directly into the exterior design, and makes portability easy.

The cool thing about the Sonos Move is the multiple charging bases that come with the unit. For indoors, there is the ring-style recharger, pictured along with the cordless charger that can go along for the ride anywhere you wish to take the Sonos Move unit. Get this: the batteries last a fantastic ten hours before needing a recharge. That’s incredible, don’t you agree?

Here are some other great features:

  • Great sound in the great outdoors –Realistic base with a soundscape that is indeed much wider than you can imagine. Automatic Trueplay™ tuning balances sound perfectly regardless of your location and music selection
  • Weather-resistant – Rain, sleet, snow, even the sun’s UV exposure, high or low temperatures, and even salt spray for you beach-lovers because the Move features an IP56 rating. It stands up to Mother Nature
  • Brilliant sound – You’ll be amazed at the rich and clear sound that can fill a room, the entire house when linked wirelessly, and outdoors as well.
  • Easy to use – Set up is a snap, easy to control with voice, the Sonos app, AirPlay 2, and it takes only a few minutes to pull it all together.
  • Custom System – You can play the music you want, where you want to hear it, without having to do anything. Enjoy the freedom, ease, and comfort of brilliant sound.

Want the finest in wireless sound but don’t need portability? We feature home/office-oriented wireless speaker systems that satisfy even the most demanding audiophile. Check out our post on the Bowers & Wilkins Formation Series.

The Move is one Smart Speaker!

With more than 125 reviews at the time of this writing, the Sonos Move is well rated, with a very impressive 4.8-Stars. That’s an official 99% recommendation rating, as well.

At only $399, the Sonos Move is a great balance of price and performance. Also, there are some upgrade pieces for the discriminating audiophile, like a Boost, which provides even more excellent sound by eliminating interference from any nearby devices.

There are other add-ons, supplementary adaptions that our sales team would love to explain when you stop by for a free demonstration.

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