Summertime is Outdoor Entertaining Time!

outdoor entertaining

The signal for summer, the great Memorial Day weekend is just around the corner, and that means it is time for outdoor entertaining. Even if your weekend festivities are limited to only a few family members or a neighborhood couple, it’s time to celebrate the new season.

This social distancing ritual we find ourselves in may have us “self-quarantined, but it still leaves time for grilling great food, mixing your favorite cocktails, and enjoying each other’s company in your back yard or on the pool deck.

Outdoor entertaining can be taken up a notch or two through the use of sound emanating all around the recreation area of your home. Whether it be sitting around the fire pit after a long day, or splashing in the pool, the background sound of your favorite music elevates the mood effortlessly.

There are many ways in which to accomplish a professional-quality sound without disturbing the serenity of the scene. Outdoor speaker systems come in a great many styles and forms. There are speaker designs, wired to Bluetooth, in the shape of landscape lighting, decorative rocks, or flowerpots.

Today’s technology offers wondrous ways to boost your outdoor area without detracting from your landscape. The image on the left is discreet within the bushes, while the image below provides a decorative display of seasonal potted plants against the backdrop of your swimming pool or spa.

One of the keys to showcasing your favorite sounds in the great outdoors is to determine which area or areas of your property are to receive the attention so as not to have to jack the volume to annoying levels. It may be easy to hear mood-elevating music at the fire pit, but to listen to it poolside, the neighbors may object. We’re all stuck at home, so unless you wish to invite your neighbors to your cookout, volume control makes good sense.

The solution to that concern is to stage speakers throughout the entire rec area and play at a level so as not to disturb anyone but carry a mellow tune at a modest level no matter where one might wander the property. There is no limit to the number of speakers and woofers that can be employed, so let your imagination wander a bit.

Bowers and Wilkins AM-1 Speaker var3
Bowers and Wilkins AM-1 Speaker var2
Bowers and Wilkins AM-1 Speaker

Is that a rock in your grass, or are you happy to see me?

The quality of audio gear for outdoor entertaining comes in different sound quality levels, from modest to top end, including the impeccable Bowers & Wilkins AM-1. The AM-1 weatherproof loudspeaker brings pristine sound to patios, gardens, and pool areas with a sleek design and exceptional performance. Available in black or white, they can be mounted vertically or horizontally, indoors our outside. They are simple to install and always look clean with no visible wires and a logo-free grill.

If you are considering adding outdoor entertainment to your festivities, now is the time to make that happen. The team at Audio Video Synergy can come up with a synchronistic plan for any part of your outdoor living space and recommend something on almost any budget.

In a previous article, we focused on outdoor entertaining through the use of large-screen viewing and sound. Within that piece, you may remember we spoke of what it can mean to have an outdoor entertainment space worth envy. If you didn’t take our recommendations or delayed the budget expenditure, simply adding audio to your backyard entertaining spots might be what the doctor ordered.

All of us at Audio Video Synergy wish you an incredibly happy and safe summer. Try to make it enjoyable and carefree as we slowly resume our lives post-pandemic. The entire team here is here to serve; please feel free to call the shop with your questions.

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