Achieve Home Entertainment Excellence


When it comes to creating a superior home entertainment experience, Audio Video Synergy is the name to trust. We don't just sell you components; we guide you through the entire process, ensuring that the end result is a system that delivers exceptional performance and blends seamlessly with your home's aesthetics.

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Testing Your Home Theater


The beauty of a well-composed movie score is that it can be appreciated on a wide range of audio systems, from basic setups to advanced Dolby Atmos® systems. Let's break this down.

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Small Home Theater


Recently, one of our clients purchased a retirement home in the Carolina mountains and asked us to help him select a home theater system that would impress but not require a trust fund or home addition to do so. Let’s examine how this home theater came alive.

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  • MHT300 Front Angled View

McIntosh MHT300 Home Theater Receiver


The McIntosh MHT300 Home Theater Receiver delivers an incredible experience both in terms of sound and picture quality—and with its customizable design and expandable features, it's sure to meet all your needs today and in years down the road.

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