There used to be a famous adage that started with, “there’s a new sheriff in town.” I suppose being the town sheriff didn’t come without risk to long-term job security, or perhaps it’s merely a simple way to describe a changing of the guard.

Everyone at Audio Video Synergy enjoys working in the world of entertainment technology. Our workspace and products provide a perspective that adage supports. The adaption of emerging engineering and technologies often results in new and cutting-edge products, and we get to play around with them all the time, and so do our customers. 😊

So, here’s a twist on that adage: there’s a new soundbar in town. It’s from Bluesound, a brand known for leading-edge streaming technology, superb functionality, and great sound. Their streamers and streaming amps are fantastic, and when they launched the Pulse Soundbar+, our expectations were pretty high. We are happy to report the Pulse Soundbar+ has not failed to impress.

A soundbar is an excellent choice for rooms too small to accommodate a home theater rig or someone looking to go beyond the usually tiny sound native television speakers deliver. We recently installed one off a kitchen, mounting it parallel to a TV, directly to its articulated wall mount. The owner likes to swing the TV out to view cooking videos from the kitchen. Now when she does, the soundbar automatically faces her. The programming audio goes wherever the TV is facing.

A good soundbar can provide bigger, more accurate sound for enjoying movies, sports, and such. In addition, many soundbars like the Pulse Soundbar+ support Dolby Atmos for a near-audiophile experience. A soundbar can reside on a cabinet, mounted on a wall, or attached to a TV mount, as described above.


The Pulse Soundbar+ seamlessly fits your existing TV setup and will enhance the sound experience. The Pulse Soundbar+ offers precise soundscapes that put you in the middle of the action. Some of the key features or functions of the Pulse Soundbar+ include:

  • Dolby Atmos* allows you to experience movies, games, and sports at a new level.
  • Stream popular music services, connect and browse personal music libraries, or listen to favorites from any phone or device with aptX® HD Bluetooth.
  • Create a wireless home theater with immersive surround sound by connecting the optional Pulse Sub+ subwoofer and a pair of rear channel Pulse Flex speakers to the Pulse Soundbar+.
  • The Pulse Soundbar easily connects to your TV with HDMI ARC/eARC for a simple one-cable connection that lets you simply and directly control the sound.
  • You can also program the Pulse Soundbar+ to work with any IR remote to control your TV and audio with one device. It will also work with the RC1 Remote Control.
  • Tune-up the Pulse Soundbar+ for your setup with adjustable EQ settings in the BluOS app.
  • Control and play music hands-free with simple voice commands via Amazon Echo or Apple Siri.
  • Stream music and podcasts from Apple devices with AirPlay 2.

A Look Inside

Under the hood, the Pulse Soundbar+ offers a very different design, with eight Class D powered speakers driving 120 watts of powerful sound. You’ll appreciate how this configuration delivers deep bass and rich detail, with a full speaker array custom-tuned for mid and high frequencies. So enjoy every fine detail of your music, movies, and games with the same realism and emotion that 8K video delivers.

In addition, Bluesound has incorporated an all-new quad-core processor explicitly designed to deliver audio at ultra-fast speeds with the highest quality reproduction. There are four processor cores dedicated to performance, using a chipset designed for the world of music streaming. Bluesound believes this approach will transform home audio more than ever before.

And with the further enhancements to the BluOS application, you’ll enjoy a highly efficient ARM-based platform.

The Bluesound DNA is Streaming

The BluOS opens the door to the world of streaming, with nearly all the music ever recorded in high-fidelity. Enjoy your favorite songs, podcasts, and radio stations with support for popular music streaming services and access to all of their libraries. You can even sync with personal music libraries via WiFi and connect up to 200,000 tracks in lossless quality for the best sound quality experience. For example, experience the studio-quality sound of MQA music on Tidal or connect and stream favorites with Apple AirPlay 2 and aptX HD Bluetooth.

You Are in Control

With a Pulse Soundbar+, you can be in control in various ways, including hands-free voice control with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. You can also use your existing TV remote or the BluOS Controller app on your smart handheld device. Whichever option works best for you, the Pulse Soundbar+ will deliver an impressive listening experience.

Elevate the immersive experience of your television setup. Stop in the shop and listen to the Pulse Soundbar+ from Bluesound. It’s ready for your test drive.