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Enhance Your Home with Audio Video Synergy Services

Welcome to Audio Video Synergy! We're here to make your home amazing with our wide range of services. Turn your living room into a concert hall with our Home Audio systems, and control sunlight and privacy with a click using our Motorized Blinds. Take the fun outside with Outdoor Speakers and TVs that are perfect for any weather. Light up your home just right with Smart Lighting, and fill every room with music using Sonos systems. We also offer TV Mounting to save space and give you the best view, plus WiFi Networks to keep you connected everywhere at home. Dive into top-quality sound with our HiFi Store, make your home smarter with Home Automation, and get the movie theater experience without leaving your couch with our Home Theater setups. With Audio Video Synergy, your home gets the upgrade it deserves.

Our Services

Home Audio

Transform your space into an auditory escape with our Home Audio solutions. Experience sound like never before, enveloping you in every note.

Motorized Blinds

Elevate your home's comfort and convenience with Motorized Blinds. Enjoy effortless control of natural light and privacy at the touch of a button.


Outdoor Speakers

Bring your favorite tunes outdoors with our high-quality Outdoor Speakers. Perfect for entertaining or relaxing, they blend seamlessly into any landscape.

Outdoor TV

Extend your entertainment space with an Outdoor TV setup. Durable and weather-resistant, it's perfect for movie nights under the stars.

Smart Lighting

Illuminate your home intelligently with Smart Lighting by Lutron and Crestron. Create the perfect ambiance for any occasion while enhancing energy efficiency.


Immerse yourself in the superior sound of Sonos. Stream your favorite music throughout your home with this leading wireless audio system.

TV Mounting

Maximize your space and viewing experience with our professional TV Mounting services. Perfect placement for optimal viewing every time.

WiFi Networks

Stay connected with powerful WiFi Networks. Our solutions ensure seamless internet coverage throughout your home.



HiFi Store

Dive into the world of HiFi, where high-fidelity sound meets exquisite craftsmanship. Our HiFi solutions bring studio-quality audio into your home, creating an immersive listening experience that captures every nuance of your favorite music.

Home Automation

Step into the future with Home Automation, where convenience, security, and efficiency converge. Control lighting, climate, entertainment, and more with the touch of a button or the sound of your voice, transforming your home into a smart, interconnected haven.

Home Theater

Bring the magic of the cinema into your home with our custom Home Theater installations. From stunning visuals to enveloping soundscapes, enjoy a movie-watching experience that rivals any theater, all from the comfort of your own space.

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