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At Audio Video Synergy in Clinton, NJ, as musicians ourselves, we understand that music is an essential part of life. It offers a unique way to connect with emotions, memories, and each other. Our dedication to delivering superior home audio solutions ensures that your listening experience is nothing short of extraordinary. For over 20 years, our team of experts has been committed to understanding your vision and providing high-quality audio solutions that exceed your expectations. From whole-house audio systems to hi-fi audio setups and immersive listening rooms, we offer a diverse range of state-of-the-art solutions, including outdoor speakers and renowned brands like McIntosh, Sonus Faber, Rell and many others.

Music is a deeply personal yet universally uniting force, and at Audio Video Synergy, we strive to enhance this connection through exceptional service and support. Our services include precise installation set-up and showing you the simplicity of a well designed system. Music matters to us, and if you're in New Jersey, stop in so we can show you why.

The Art of Personalized Sound

Discover how the right sound can transform your space, making every moment more vibrant and tailored to your taste.

Lifestyle Considerations

Set the perfect scene for every occasion, from intimate music sessions to lively movie nights, with audio that adapts to your life's every turn.

Seamless Integration

Envision audio that not only enriches your listening but also merges with your home's design, as naturally as the light from a window.

Future-Ready Solutions

Explore audio systems that evolve with you, seamlessly integrating new technologies and your changing tastes of equipment and Apps.

A Sages Touch

Allow us to lead you in Mastering High-End audio that not only sounds good but also feels right, making every day a masterpiece of sound. 


In the fast-paced world of home audio, new and exciting products are always on the horizon. Here at Audio Video Synergy, we keep our finger on the pulse of the latest in sound technology, bringing you top-notch design, user-friendly features, and unmatched high-end equipment. Below, we've picked out some of today's standout home audio solutions, all designed with your unique needs and tastes in mind. You can also stop in our store located in Clinton, New Jersey, less than half a mile from exit 15 on Rt 78.



Envision a home where every space sings with its own soundtrack, perfectly attuned to the moment. While Sonos™ leads the way, the world of whole-home audio is rich with high-end solutions that cater to the most discerning ears. Our whole-house audio systems aren't just about filling rooms with sound; they're about crafting personalized audio landscapes where simplicity meets sophistication.


With Sonos, Crestron, or Control4 Home Automation, you can choose which rooms come alive with music and which offer the sound of silence. Everyone can listen to their own tunes or come together in shared harmony. This is the essence of modern living—where technology fades into the background, and all that remains is the pure, uncomplicated joy of music.


Dive into a magical audio experience where high-end sound meets invisible design. Stealth Acoustics™ leads the way with speakers that vanish into your decor, yet their performance is anything but hidden. However, the world of invisible speakers doesn't end there. We curate a selection of premium brands that cater to those who seek the extraordinary in every note without compromising on your interior design.

Imagine a home where music flows freely, unbound by visible technology or speaker, maintaining the purity of your home's aesthetic. Crafting such an environment requires precision and expertise, but the outcome is a living space that sings in perfect harmony without interrupting your style.

Come in and explore the cutting-edge solutions that bring your audio experience to life, invisibly.



In the world of music, true beauty lies in the details. Our HiFi audio and listening rooms are more than just spaces; they're canvases for sonic artistry. Imagine a place in your home where you not only hear every note of a piano, every breath between the lyrics, but you also feel it.

Crafted for the connoisseur, our setups are not just speakers and turntables, they are instruments of precision, capable of bringing a concert hall into your dedicated space. With the finest audio components and a passion for acoustic perfection, we offer an invitation to explore music in its purest form.

This is where your favorite tracks reveal their true colors, where every listen is a journey to the heart of the music itself. For both the seasoned audiophile and those new to the high-fidelity world, we tailor a listening experience that's as unique as your taste. Discover the difference when passion leads to perfection.


Imagine your next outdoor gathering, where music isn't just an addition but a transformation of the entire experience. Our outdoor speaker solutions are designed to blend seamlessly with the beauty of your outdoor spaces, elevating every moment—from serene afternoons to lively celebrations.

Our team specializes in crafting audio environments that respect the aesthetics of your outdoor living areas. Hidden within your landscape, our weather-resistant speakers deliver rich, clear sound that can whisper in the background or fill the air, depending on your moment's needs.

Control is at your fingertips, with intuitive apps that sync your indoor and outdoor soundscapes effortlessly. And for those who dream bigger, we extend the experience with outdoor TVs and home theaters, turning your backyard into a venue for endless entertainment. Learn More about Outdoor Speakers Here-

High End Planar Headphones For Turntable.jpg


In the realm of personal audio, headphones are more than accessories—they're gateways to a world where every note, every beat, is a private concert. Our collection of headphones and personal listening devices is curated for those who seek not just sound but an experience that is profoundly personal.

With cutting-edge technology wrapped in comfort and style, our headphones offer a sanctuary of sound where the hustle of the world fades away, leaving only you and your music. From the subtleties of a symphony to the pulse of a bassline, every detail is delivered with crystal clarity, immersing you in a sonic journey that's uniquely yours.

Whether you're at home or on the move, our personal listening solutions ensure that your personal soundtrack is always with you in unparalleled fidelity. Dive into the depths of your music collection and discover a listening experience where every moment is a revelation tailored just for you.


Bring the movies to life right in your living room. At Audio Video Synergy, we craft home theater systems that pull you right into the heart of your favorite movies and shows.

Imagine sitting in your living room but feeling like you're in the middle of all the action, drama, and emotion on screen. Our surround sound systems are designed to make every sound, from the softest whisper to the biggest explosion, crystal clear. We set up everything just right, whether you want the latest Dolby Atmos setup or a classic surround sound system.

Get ready for a movie experience so real, you'll forget you're at home. It doesn't matter if you're a movie buff or just enjoy a good film now and then; our systems will change the way you watch movies.


Are You Ready To Elevate Your Audio?

Transform your sound experience with Audio Video Synergy. Visit us or get in touch to explore the best in-home audio. Your journey to superior sound starts now. We are your authorized Mcintosh Dealer Near Clinton, New Jersey

Mcintosh-Authorized-Dealer-Near-Clinton-NJ- Turntable-Close-Up.jpg

Vinyl Revival:
Where Classic Meets Cutting-Edge

At Audio Video Synergy, vinyl has always been more than just a format; it's a part of our soul. Long before the resurgence, we celebrated the unique warmth and depth of vinyl, never sidelining it even as digital took center stage. Today, we're at the forefront of a movement that's spinning into the hearts of both long-time enthusiasts and a new generation discovering vinyl's magic for the first time.

The numbers speak volumes: vinyl sales have outpaced CDs, hitting over $1 billion for the first time since the 80s, according to a 2021 RIAA report. This isn't just a comeback; it's a renaissance of the pure, unfiltered essence of music (RIAA, 2021).

Our systems are crafted to honor this legacy, merging the timeless with the modern. With our turntables and preamps, every note invites you into a deeper connection with the music, blending the nostalgic crackle of vinyl with the pristine clarity of today's technology.

Rediscover the ritual of vinyl with Audio Video Synergy, where every spin is a journey through soundscapes old and new. It's not just about listening; it's about experiencing music in its most authentic form, curated for the modern audiophile. Join us in this revival, where every record tells a story, and every listen is an adventure.


I have been shopping here since 2011 and have never had a negative experience. Everyone who works here is polite, knowledgeable and eager to help with whatever audio/video needs I come up with. While there are specific brands that...

Rich Kirchuk

I absolutley love going into this store and I'm so glad they chose Clinton for their store location. Can't say enough about all the guys in the store. They're super helpful, abundantly knowledgeable and extraordinarily friendly …

Mike Fioto

I've passed by here over the years but never went in as I've always been in the area late at night, now I've moved into the area and this place was a needed visit. This is how I remember buying audio equipment, through knowledgeable staff …

Pat Biskey

Audio Video Synergy provides Home Audio Installation and Services in and around the following Mercer County, Hunterdon County and Warren County areas:






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