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Discover the harmony of Sonos, the forefront of wireless speakers, where every melody enriches your New Jersey home. At Audio Video Synergy, located in the heart of Clinton, NJ, we bring over 20 years of expertise in custom home audio solutions. As authorized Sonos dealers, we specialize in creating immersive sound environments that resonate with the unique vibe of your space. With Sonos' versatile amplifiers and premium smart soundbars, like the Sonos Arc featuring Dolby Atmos, we promise not just to play music but to fill your life with brilliantly realistic sound. Join us in this symphony of technology and tradition, where Sonos and Audio Video Synergy blend to transform your home into a haven of superior sound.

The Ultimate Sound Experience for Your New Jersey Home

Choosing Sonos for your home audio system is a decision that harmonizes versatility, scalability, and seamless integration, ensuring that your living space becomes a sanctuary of sound, tailored to your lifestyle and preferences.

Versatile & Scalable

Sonos stands out for its ability to adapt and grow with your audio needs. Whether you're looking to fill a cozy corner with rich, detailed sound or create a truly connected sound system throughout your home, Sonos has you covered. From the compact Sonos One to the powerful Sonos Arc soundbar, each device is designed to work seamlessly together, allowing you to expand your system room by room. 

Ease of Integration

Whether you're streaming music, listening to podcasts, or enhancing your home cinema experience, Sonos connects with your current technology ecosystem. Compatibility with a wide range of streaming services, from Spotify to Apple Music, and seamless operation with smart home devices via Alexa voice control or Google Assistant, ensures that Sonos fits into your life as perfectly as it fits into your home decor.

Unique Features

Sonos goes beyond standard audio equipment with features that enhance your listening experience in ways you might not have imagined. Trueplay tuning technology stands out by optimizing the sound for the specific acoustics of the room. This means that no matter the shape, size, or furnishings of your space, Sonos speakers can calibrate to deliver sound that's perfectly tailored to where you are.

In choosing Sonos for your home, you're not just selecting a sound system; you're embracing an audio experience that grows, adapts, and integrates seamlessly into your daily life.

Immerse Yourself in Astonishingly Clear Sound with Sonos

With Audio Video Synergy by your side, the journey to find your ideal TV becomes an exciting adventure. Here's how we make it simple and enjoyable.


Clear Sound: A Sonos Hallmark

Sonos sets the bar for sound quality, combining state-of-the-art software with meticulously designed hardware to produce sound that's not just heard but felt. Every strum, beat, and note is delivered with incredible clarity, ensuring that you're not just listening to music or watching a movie; you're experiencing it. This level of detail creates an emotional connection to the content, elevating your entertainment experience to new heights


  • Unmatched Clarity: Sonos delivers sound with unparalleled clarity, bringing every detail of your music and movies to life.

  • Emotional Connection: The exceptional sound quality of Sonos creates a deeper emotional connection with your entertainment.

  • Elevated Experience: With Sonos, your home entertainment is not just watched or listened to; it's experienced on a whole new level.

Expertly Tuned for Emotional Impact

The sound quality of Sonos is not a happy accident; it's the result of collaboration with Oscar and Grammy-winning producers, mixers, and artists. This expert tuning process ensures that your Sonos system delivers sound that evokes an emotional response, making each listening session with your Sonos speakers a deeply immersive experience. Whether it's the subtle nuances in a classic piece or the dynamic range of a blockbuster soundtrack, Sonos brings the expertise of industry professionals into your New Jersey home.

  • Collaboration with Experts: Sonos works with award-winning industry professionals to fine-tune each speaker for optimal sound quality.

  • Emotional Response: The expertly tuned sound of Sonos evokes deep emotional responses, enhancing every listening experience.

  • Immersive Sessions: Each session with Sonos is an immersive journey, thanks to the expert tuning that brings out the best in your music and movies.


True Luxury Sound with Trueplay™

At the core of the Sonos experience is Trueplay™, a proprietary tuning technology that ensures your Sonos speakers are perfectly balanced for your unique environment. Whether your space is a loft-style apartment in Jersey City or a suburban home in Clinton, Trueplay™ adapts the sound output to the specifics of your surroundings, ensuring luxurious, room-filling sound. This technology guarantees that your Sonos system delivers the best possible audio performance, tailored to the acoustics of your space, making every listening moment with Sonos a bespoke experience.

  • Trueplay™ Tuning: Sonos' Trueplay™ technology customizes the sound of your speakers to fit the unique acoustics of your space.

  • Luxurious Sound: Trueplay™ ensures that your Sonos system fills your room with luxurious, perfectly balanced sound.

  • Bespoke Audio Performance: With Trueplay™, your Sonos experience is tailored to your environment, delivering bespoke sound that's unmatched.

Ready to Transform Your Listening Experience?

Connect with us today to find the perfect Sonos solution that fits your life and style

Sonos Product Showcase:
Elevate Your New Jersey Home Audio with Sonos Technology

Dive into the Sonos ecosystem, where every Sonos speaker, Sonos soundbar, and Sonos component is engineered to transform your listening experience. Whether you're in Clinton, Jersey City, or anywhere in New Jersey, Sonos brings superior sound and brilliantly realistic sound right into your home, making it the ultimate sound system for music lovers.


Sonos Speakers:
The Heart of Your Sonos System

  • Era 100: This compact Sonos speaker fills smaller spaces with crystal-clear sound, perfect for your cozy Jersey nook, embodying the essence of a versatile amplifier in a portable speaker form.

  • Era 300: Experience room-enveloping audio with the Era 300, designed for immersive sound that's ideal for spacious New Jersey living areas, showcasing Sonos' commitment to creating a sonos surround sound system with precise and immersive sound.

  • One: The versatile Sonos One blends seamlessly into any room, offering rich sound and smart features in a sleek, compact package, making it a powerful smart speaker for any setting.

  • One SL: Enjoy the pure audio performance of the One SL, a microphone-free speaker that's perfect for creating a stereo pair or enhancing your home theater setup with Sonos' brilliantly realistic sound.

  • Play:5: For the audiophiles in New Jersey, the Play:5 delivers unmatched high-fidelity sound that fills even the largest rooms with vibrant, detailed audio, making it the most powerful smart speaker in the Sonos lineup.

Sonos Home Theater:
Cinematic Sound with Sonos

  • Arc: The Sonos Arc soundbar, featuring Dolby Atmos, transforms your TV viewing into an immersive home theater experience, introducing Sonos' advanced audio technology to your living room.

  • Beam: Compact and powerful, the Beam soundbar enhances dialogue and detail, making it a great addition to smaller spaces or apartments, serving as a premium smart soundbar with speech enhancement features.

  • Ray: The Ray soundbar offers balanced, dynamic sound for your favorite shows and music, perfect for compact New Jersey living spaces, embodying the essence of a compact soundbar with impressive bass.

  • Sub: Feel the depth of every beat with the Sub, a wireless subwoofer designed to add rich bass to your Sonos setup without any distortion, enhancing the entertainment experience with deep booms.

  • Sub Mini: The Sub Mini packs powerful bass into a smaller form, ideal for enhancing audio without overwhelming smaller rooms. It is a perfect addition to your Sonos home cinema system.

Sonos Surroud Sound System For Home Theater

Sonos Components:
Custom Audio Configurations


  • Amp: Bring the Sonos experience to your traditional stereo with the Amp, offering the power and versatility to drive your bookshelf or floor-standing speakers, integrating stored audio files and vinyl into your Sonos system.

  • Port: Integrate your existing stereo or receiver into the Sonos ecosystem with the Port, allowing you to stream music and more with ease, making it a versatile streaming component for any Sonos system.

Your Home, Your Music, Your Sonos

In New Jersey, every home has its own vibe, and Sonos is here to make yours sound amazing. Imagine a sound system that fills your room with music so clear, it's like the band is right there with you. That's what Sonos does. It's not just about playing songs; it's about bringing your favorite tunes to life, making movies feel like you're in the cinema, and turning every beat into a heartbeat of your home.

Welcome to Sonos, where your music isn't just heard; it's felt. Let's make your home the best place to listen.


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Went here for speaker cables and Chris went out his way to help me with a purchase of biwired AudioQuest cables! First time there since they move from the.…

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