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Outdoor Speakers NJ

As the summer sun beats down on New Jersey, nothing beats relaxing in the cool shade of your backyard, accompanied by your favorite playlist on high-quality outdoor speakers. With Audio Video Synergy leading the charge, the fusion of high-quality sound with the natural beauty of NJ's outdoors is not just an enhancement; it's a reimagining of what outdoor entertainment can be.

This is the promise of our outdoor speaker systems—crafted not just for sound but for the soul of outdoor living. From the discreet elegance of architectural speakers to the earthy integration of rock speakers, every note is tuned to the rhythm of your playlist, transforming your patio, pool area or garden into a stage for life's most memorable moments.

Welcome to the forefront of outdoor audio, where every backyard has the potential to become an amphitheater of experiences, and every moment is an opportunity to live in concert with the outdoors. We also offer indoor home audio and HiFi Listening Rooms.

Why Choose Audio Video Synergy for Your Outdoor Audio

Choosing Audio Video Synergy for your outdoor audio in NJ means more than just installing speakers; it's about crafting an experience. Our expertise in seamlessly integrating outdoor speakers, from the discreet charm of bollard speakers to the grandeur of architectural outdoor speakers, ensures your outdoor living space sings with unparalleled audio quality.

Precision in Every Note

In New Jersey's diverse landscapes, from the serene backyards of Clinton to the vibrant gardens of Hewitt, our outdoor speaker systems are tailored to fit. With meticulous outdoor speaker system installation, we promise not just sound but an immersive sound experience that envelops every corner of your space.

Sound, Sculpted

Our outdoor systems are not just heard; they're felt. The ground-shaking bass and the clarity of each note create an arena sound right in your backyard. With Audio Video Synergy, expect an outdoor sound system that offers a complete listening experience, where every frequency is tuned to perfection.

Beyond Audio

But why stop at sound? Our outdoor TV installations and surround sound systems transform your outdoor area into a dynamic entertainment hub. Imagine the synergy of high-quality sound with the vivid imagery of outdoor televisions, making every moment outside an event in itself.

The Art of Listening

In every outdoor speaker, from the robust rock speakers to the elegant planter speakers, there's a story of innovation and excellence. Our commitment to providing the best outdoor speaker system in NJ is evident in every setup, ensuring that your outdoor audio experience is not just heard but remembered.

With Audio Video Synergy, your New Jersey home becomes a stage for life's best moments, all set to a soundtrack that's as rich and vibrant as the landscape around you.


Outdoor Audio Excellence in NJ

At Audio Video Synergy, we specialize in transforming New Jersey's outdoor living spaces into vibrant soundscapes. Our expertly crafted outdoor speaker systems blend seamlessly with the natural beauty of your surroundings, elevating every backyard gathering, pool party, or quiet evening under the stars with unparalleled audio quality. Ready to explore how we can enhance your outdoor moments? Let's dive into the diverse audio solutions that await.


Surface Mount Speakers

Surface mount speakers, featuring brands like Bowers & Wilkins and Paradigm, offer a seamless blend of form and function. These versatile outdoor speakers are designed to affix to any architectural element, providing high-quality sound that complements the aesthetic of your outdoor living space without intrusion.


  • Precision Placement: Their design allows for strategic positioning, ensuring that sound is directed for optimal listening throughout your outdoor area, creating an immersive sound experience with uniform sound fields.

  • Durability: Engineered for the outdoors, these speakers boast robust construction and corrosion-free wire connections, ensuring your outdoor audio NJ experience remains uninterrupted, season after season.

Landscape Speakers

With Coastal Source and Paradigm at the forefront, landscape speakers are discreetly designed to blend into your garden, providing a concert arena sound experience right in your backyard. Paired with outdoor subwoofers, they deliver an expansive and enveloping sound, enhancing the natural ambiance of your outdoor spaces.


  • Aesthetic Harmony: These speakers are crafted to be inconspicuous, maintaining the visual integrity of your landscape while offering excellent sound detail and a complete outdoor listening experience.

  • Extensive Reach: Their strategic installation ensures wide coverage, allowing individual sound frequencies to fill your space and ensuring the same high-quality listening experience across your entire outdoor living area.


Rock Speakers

Rock speakers, particularly from Paradigm, are designed to mimic the natural elements of your garden, providing not just sound but also an element of decor. Available in various sizes and designs, these speakers blend seamlessly into your landscape, offering both aesthetic appeal and high-quality sound.


  • Visual Integration: These speakers double as garden features, enhancing your outdoor aesthetics while delivering great sound, making them a perfect choice for those looking to maintain the natural beauty of their outdoor spaces.

  • Custom Soundscapes: From the deep bass of larger models to the clear highs of smaller ones, rock speakers offer a range of sound options to suit any outdoor setting, ensuring an amazing sound experience that's tailored to your preferences.

Planter Speakers

Planter Speakers are at the cutting edge of combining high-fidelity audio with outdoor decor. These speakers, disguised as planters, fill your outdoor spaces with rich sound, blending seamlessly into your garden's aesthetic.


  • Multifunctional Design: These speakers not only provide reference-quality sound but also serve as functional planters, adding a green touch to your outdoor audio setup.

  • Intimate Audio Experience: Strategically placed, planter speakers create a uniform sound field at lower volumes, ensuring an intimate and immersive listening experience without overwhelming your outdoor ambiance.


Bollard Speakers

Coastal Source and Origin Acoustics bollard speakers are the cornerstone of sophisticated outdoor sound systems, offering a blend of elegance and acoustic performance. With built-in subwoofers, these speakers deliver a full spectrum of sound, enriching your outdoor experience with depth and clarity.


  • Comprehensive Audio Coverage: The integration of subwoofers ensures a rich, layered sound, providing both crisp highs and deep bass for a truly immersive outdoor audio experience.

  • Sleek Design: Their modern aesthetic not only enhances the auditory landscape but also adds a visual element to your outdoor space, embodying the perfect harmony of design and sound.

Architectural Speakers

Architectural speakers, brought to you by leading brands like Bowers & Wilkins and Revel, are the quintessence of discreet elegance and acoustic innovation. These speakers are ingeniously designed to integrate into the very fabric of your New Jersey home, offering an outdoor speaker system that complements your architectural aesthetics while delivering unparalleled audio quality.


Seamless Integration: Architectural speakers are masterfully concealed within your outdoor living space, maintaining the visual flow of your architecture. Their ability to blend with the outdoor environment ensures that the aesthetic integrity of your space is preserved.

Exceptional Audio Performance: These speakers are not just about blending in; they're about standing out through their sound. Whether it's the subtle notes of a private concert or the dynamic range of a surround sound system, these speakers ensure that your outdoor audio NJ experience is nothing short of spectacular.


Are You Set to Amplify Your Outdoors?

Elevate your outdoor ambiance with Audio Video Synergy. Discover the ultimate outdoor audio solutions by visiting us or reaching out. Experience the difference with your trusted outdoor audio experts in Clinton, New Jersey.

Customized Soundscapes:
Tailoring Your Outdoor Audio Experience

Creating the perfect outdoor audio environment in New Jersey goes beyond just selecting high-quality speakers; it's about crafting a soundscape that's in harmony with the unique layout and acoustics of your outdoor space. At Audio Video Synergy, we understand that every yard, patio, and garden has its own character, which is why we emphasize customized sound solutions.


Crafting Your Sound Environment

The question of "How many outdoor speakers do I need?" is common, yet the answer is anything but simple. It varies with the size of your outdoor area, its layout, how you use the space, and the audio quality you're aiming for. Unlike indoor environments, outdoor spaces lack walls to reflect sound, requiring a thoughtful approach to speaker placement and selection to achieve a uniform sound field. This ensures that the music isn't overwhelmingly loud in one spot and barely audible in another, providing a consistent listening experience throughout.

Achieving a Uniform Sound Field

Our goal is to create an immersive sound environment where the audio is not just background noise but a pivotal aspect of your outdoor living experience. Whether you're looking to enhance a pool party with your favorite playlists or set up an outdoor cinema, our team is skilled in mapping out the optimal speaker arrangement for your needs. We consider various factors, including speaker type, placement, and the specific acoustics of your outdoor space, to ensure a balanced and enjoyable audio experience for everyone.

Seamless Sound Control

Wondering how to manage your outdoor sound system effortlessly? We've got you covered. Our systems are designed for ease of use, allowing you to control the volume and music selection from your smartphone or home automation system. This convenience means you can adjust the settings to suit the mood of your gathering without any hassle. We can integrate outdoor keypads for added simplicity, making volume adjustment as easy as a gentle tap.

Listening to Your Favorite Tunes Outdoors

With state-of-the-art technology from leading brands like Sonos, the possibilities for your outdoor audio are virtually limitless. From streaming your preferred playlists to integrating your turntable or TV audio into your outdoor system, we ensure your outdoor space becomes a personal concert venue. Our systems accommodate multiple input sources, including Bluetooth, allowing you and your guests to share music effortlessly, truly personalizing the outdoor ambiance.


At Audio Video Synergy, we're passionate about bringing your outdoor audio visions to life. Our expertise in creating customized soundscapes ensures that your New Jersey home's outdoor areas are not just seen but heard. Ready to explore the full potential of your outdoor living space? Let's embark on this auditory journey together and discover the perfect sound solution for your home.


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