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McIntosh NJ

Experience the legendary sound of McIntosh audio at Audio Video Synergy, the premier McIntosh dealer in New Jersey and the surrounding tri-state area. With a rich history of innovation and uncompromising dedication to audio excellence, McIntosh has been captivating audiophiles and music enthusiasts since 1949.

At Audio Video Synergy, we proudly offer the complete line of McIntosh Home Audio products, including iconic amplifiers, precision-engineered preamplifiers, audiophile speakers, and handcrafted turntables. Our experienced team is passionate about delivering personalized solutions tailored to your unique needs, ensuring you enjoy the unrivaled McIntosh listening experience in the comfort of your home.

As your trusted McIntosh dealer, we are committed to providing expert consultation, seamless installation, and ongoing support. Discover the McIntosh difference at Audio Video Synergy located in in Clinton NJ less than a mile from exit 15 on I78.

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Product Overview:
The McIntosh Experience

At Audio Video Synergy, we are proud to offer a complete selection of McIntosh products, each designed to deliver an unparalleled audio experience. McIntosh's range includes iconic amplifiers, precision-engineered preamplifiers, audiophile speakers, handcrafted turntables, and comprehensive home theater systems. Below, we provide a brief overview of each product category along with highlights of two popular pieces in each category.



Discover the power and clarity of McIntosh amplifiers. Renowned for their robust construction and iconic blue watt meters, McIntosh amplifiers deliver exceptional sound quality and power, making them a staple in high-end audio setups.

MC275 Vacuum Tube Amplifier

The MC275 is a classic tube amplifier celebrated for its warm, rich sound and timeless design.
Features: All-glass front panel, gold-plated speaker binding posts, balanced and unbalanced inputs.
Benefits: Ideal for audiophiles who appreciate nuanced sound and the iconic McIntosh aesthetic.

MC1.25KW Quad Balanced Power Amplifie

A solid-state powerhouse offering 1,200 watts of pristine audio power per channel.
Features: Quad Balanced design, Autoformer technology, advanced heat management.
Benefits: Perfect for those seeking high-power performance and impeccable sound quality.

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Enhance your audio fidelity with McIntosh preamplifiers. Designed to provide comprehensive control and enhance the purity of your audio system, McIntosh preamplifiers offer the best of both analog and digital technologies.

C2700 Vacuum Tube Preamplifier

Combines the best of vacuum tube and digital technologies for versatile preamplification.
Features: Hybrid design, DA2 Digital Audio Module, dual mono design.
Benefits: Ideal for audiophiles wanting the warmth of tubes with modern digital conveniences.

C53 Solid-State Preamplifier

Description: A highly flexible and feature-rich preamplifier designed to accommodate a wide range of audio sources.
Features: 16 inputs, 8-band tone control, Roon Tested.
Benefits: Perfect for users looking for extensive connectivity and detailed sound control.

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Immerse yourself in rich, detailed sound with McIntosh speakers. Engineered to produce a wide frequency range with exceptional clarity and depth, McIntosh speakers provide an immersive listening experience.

XR100 Floorstanding Loudspeaker

Offers a slim and elegant design, capable of delivering powerful and detailed sound.
Features: Multiple drivers for full-range audio, high gloss finish.
Benefits: Suitable for medium to large rooms, providing rich and full-bodied sound.

XR50 Bookshelf Loudspeaker

A compact yet powerful speaker designed for high-quality sound in smaller spaces.
Features: Premium cabinet finish, magnetic grille.
Benefits: Ideal for small to medium-sized rooms, delivering exceptional audio performance without taking up much space.

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Experience the warmth and detail of vinyl with McIntosh turntables. Combining precision engineering with elegant design, McIntosh turntables offer superior analog audio performance for vinyl enthusiasts.

MT2 Precision Turntable

Designed for those new to vinyl, offering an easy-to-use setup with high-quality components.
Features: Belt-driven platter, Moving Coil cartridge, solid plinth construction.
Benefits: Provides an easy entry into the world of vinyl with excellent sound quality.

MT5 Precision Turntable

Crafted for seasoned audiophiles, featuring advanced technology and meticulous craftsmanship.
Features: Belt-driven platter, high-output moving coil cartridge, illuminated platter.
Benefits: Offers a high-end vinyl listening experience with superior sound fidelity and stylish design.

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Home Theater

Transform your home entertainment with McIntosh home theater systems. Integrating advanced audio technologies, McIntosh home theater systems create a cinematic audio environment that rivals the best commercial theaters.

MX123 A/V Processor

Combines McIntosh’s legendary audio performance with the latest in home theater processing.
Features: Supports 4K Ultra HD, HDR, and Dolby Vision; 13.2 audio channels.
Benefits: Ideal for creating a high-performance home theater system that offers both audio and video excellence.

MC257 7-Channel Power Amplifier

Delivers powerful, clear audio for home theater applications with seven channels of amplification.
Features: Dynamic Power Manager, TripleView Power Output Meter.
Benefits: Provides ample power and clarity for a fully immersive home theater experience.

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Why Choose McIntosh from Audio Video Synergy

At Audio Video Synergy, we are not just a retailer; we are passionate about delivering the ultimate McIntosh experience. Here’s why choosing us as your McIntosh dealer ensures you receive the best in high-end audio:

Expert Consultation

Our team of audio experts is dedicated to helping you find the perfect McIntosh setup tailored to your specific needs. We offer personalized consultations to ensure you make an informed decision.

Seamless Installation

We provide professional installation services to integrate your new McIntosh equipment seamlessly into your home. Our experienced technicians handle everything, ensuring optimal performance and aesthetics.

Ongoing Support

Our commitment to you doesn’t end with the purchase. We offer continuous support and maintenance services to keep your McIntosh system performing at its best.

Exclusive Demonstrations

Visit one of the only McIntosh showrooms in New Jersey, to experience McIntosh products firsthand. Our state-of-the-art listening rooms allow you to hear the difference McIntosh quality makes.

Tailored Solutions
At Audio Video Synergy, we understand that every audiophile's needs are unique. That’s why we offer customized solutions to fit your lifestyle and preferences. Whether you are setting up a home theater, enhancing your listening room, or diving into vinyl, we ensure your McIntosh system is perfectly tailored to your environment.

Are You Ready To Upgrade Your Listening Room Experience?

Take the first step towards better living. Reach out to us to discover a tailored McIntosh listening experience that matches your lifestyle perfectly.


Best audio people so far in USA! Chris is an awesome guy and puts enormous efforts in providing the best audio solution for you. I agree with all the otherreviews here. You have the luxury to try out a vast selection of audio …

Anirban Chakravarty

Went there last night to pick up a Pro Ject Debut Carbon turntable. The gentleman Chris who had helped me was polite, helpful, and knowledgeable. Also they seemed to have the best price I could find anywhere. Great store, and  …

Lucas Nooter

These guys are awesome. I cut a controller wire today by accident and needed a new R45 jack spliced on. They fixed this while I waited and did not charge me. Unbelievable service. There is good people in this world. Do not hesitate to do …

David Seiffert

Audio Video Synergy provides Professional McIntosh Audio Sales, Installation and Services in and around the following Mercer County, Hunterdon County and Warren County areas:






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